Photo Contest Submission

Photo Contest Submission
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Submit Epoxy Garage Floor Pictures

Want to show off pictures of your newly installed epoxy garage floor coating? Now you can! Entering will give you a chance to win up to $200 in our monthly photo contest and a shot at our annual $500 photo contest. We accept epoxy garage floor pictures, decorative flooring installation pictures, pictures of in-progress installations, garage cabinets pictures, and more. Coupon valid for 30 days.

Submit your photo today for your chance to win.

Enter to Win $200 Each Month

Our monthly photo contest gives you a chance to win up to $200 every month. We award $200 prize to the first place winner of each monthly epoxy garage floor picture contest. Second place receives a prize of $50. Winning entries are posted to our Photo Contest page and shared on the Versatile Building Products Facebook Page. Winning epoxy garage floor pictures are entered in our annual photo contest, with a grand prize of $500!

Submit Epoxy Garage Floor Photos & More

For our monthly photo contest, we accept pictures of all epoxy garage floors installed using Garage products. We also accept pictures of non-epoxy coatings, garage storage installations, or fully refurnished garages that include our products. Past winners have included:

  • Roll On Rock® flake epoxy coatings
  • Lava Flow® metallic epoxy coatings
  • 4800 Industrial Epoxy coatings
  • 4195 Direct-to-Concrete Pigmented Epoxy coatings
  • Garage cabinet installations
  • Garage storage installations
  • And more

Tips for Epoxy Garage Floor Pictures

A quality installation combined with a quality photo will give you your best chance of winning our monthly photo contest. For the best photos, we suggest taking pictures under bright conditions using a high resolution camera. Experiment with different vantage points to find the best angle for showing off your work.

Photo Contest Disclaimer

By submitting photos of your work, you are giving us permission to use them in our photo contest, on our Facebook pages, monthly newsletter, sales and marketing literature, and in press releases submitted to trade magazines.